Will Nintendo Release Switch OLED exclusive games?

Today, Nintendo announced the long-rumored Switch OLED console. It’s the first hardware upgrade the system has seen since the original Switch launched back in 2017. Naturally, the latest console has a few fans wondering: Is this new hardware going to receive upgraded versions of Switch games? Does Nintendo have plans to release games that are Switch OLED exclusives?

Will Nintendo release Switch OLED exclusive games?

Nintendo Switch OLED exclusive games

Nintendo has not mentioned any plans to release Switch OLED exclusive games, nor plans to release OLED upgraded games. That’s because the main difference to the new hardware is its bigger, more vibrant screen. Otherwise, it plays the same games as the regular Switch or Switch Lite.

In other words, this is a simple hardware upgrade that does not increase the console’s performance. The Switch OLED has a slightly bigger display than the first Switch, and the screen is now OLED instead of LCD. The new console does have increased storage and better speakers, but it’s otherwise the same machine under the hood.

Since it’s no more capable than the base console, Nintendo has no reason to make Switch OLED exclusive games.

What about Switch OLED upgrades or remasters?

It’s very unlikely that Nintendo or any developer will release Switch OLED upgrades or remasters. Again, the new hardware is no more powerful than the base console. Games will likely look better on the new screen when playing in handheld or tabletop mode, but they won’t run any better.

That isn’t to say that some small patches won’t emerge, of course. Since OLED displays emit pixels in a different way to LCDs, there is some room for tweaks — if anything, games may be updated to better suit the OLED screen. That’s just theoretical, of course. Otherwise, it’s possible that development teams could consider the new hardware’s increased contrast when sorting out their game’s visuals. As to whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Therefore, don’t get your hopes up for a Breath of the Wild upgraded edition. The OLED screen just isn’t a big enough leap in hardware capability to warrant substantial changes, and for that reason, we almost certainly won’t see Switch OLED exclusive games.