Will The Last of Us Usher in the Era of Game-Based TV?

The first promotional images from the upcoming The Last of Us TV show released today. Posted on Twitter by Neil Druckman, they show Joel and Ellie in live-action via a clip from the show. Considering the game’s formidable reputation and widespread acclaim, could this TV adaption change the landscape for future game-based shows?

The Last of Us TV Show: Joel and Ellie Revealed

The Last of Us

Yes, Neil Druckmann today shared our first look at the game’s protagonists in TV form. The image shows Joel and Ellie looking out over the post-apocalyptic landscape in outfits reminiscent of their video game appearances. Joel will be played by The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal, while Ellie is played by Bella Ramsay, perhaps best known for her appearances in Game of Thrones.

The image doesn’t reveal too much. However, it definitely proves that accuracy to the source material is at the front of HBO’s mind. In fact, to the untrained eye, the image could look like a screenshot from the 2013 game – that’s how faithful it is. From Joel’s haircut to the shade of Ellie’s outfit, this is The Last of Us on the silver screen done right.

Considering how revered the game is, and how faithful this show looks, it could easily change the landscape for video game-based TV shows. There haven’t been many of these in the past – and as such, The Last of Us presents a strong opportunity. So far, the most popular video-game adaption is Netflix’s Castlevania anime, running for five seasons as of right now. Elsewhere, we’ve seen shows based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario, but they haven’t set the world alight. The future looks bright though, with shows based on Fallout and Resident Evil releasing soon.

As such, the show could set the stage for even more game-based programs in the future. In an era where TV is at its peak in quality and popularity, with new Netflix shows dropping weekly, it could easily change how TV treats video games.