Witcher 3 Cockatrice Stomach | Where to Find

It’s safe to say, taking on grueling beasts triple our size as Geralt in The Witcher 3 constantly makes us feel like a god among men. However, some monsters do put up a challenge for Rivera’s most profound Witcher, like the Cockatrice. Though this rooster-wyvern hybrid does not appear to be as vicious as some of the other beasts we’ve slain, it’s just as deadly. Furthermore, it drops Cockatrice Stomach, a resource needed to make some of the best oils and armor in the game. So keep reading to find out where you can find this nightmarish creature.

Where to Find Cockatrice Stomach in Witcher 3

Where to Find Cockatrice Stomach in Witcher 3

You get Cockatrice Stomach in The Witcher 3 as a drop by defeating Cockatrice. Evidently, this is the stomach of the weird rooster-looking monster we were talking about earlier. So, where can you find this beast? The first and simplest option is to accept the Shrieker Contract from Crow’s Perch. However, you will be pitted against a Shrieker, a more vicious version of the beasts. So brace yourself for a long and arduous battle to extract Cockatrice Stomach from this fight.

If the Shrieker is giving you trouble, you may want to take on the slightly less intense regular Cockatrice that can be found in other parts of Rivera. The best place to find them is the lake that sits southwest of Yantra. Just west of this lake, before the coast, is a spawning point for Cockatrice. The second place to find Cockatrice is on Ard Skellig, just east of Fornhala.

The good news is that Cockatrice Stomach is a guaranteed drop. On top of that, besides the one-off for the Shrieker Contract, Cockatrice respawns at these locations. With that said, they are larger beasts so they do take longer to respawn than basic enemies. Nonetheless, it is just a matter of camping these spots and winning the fight against these beasts before you get your hands on Cockatrice Stomach.

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