Witcher 3 | What To Do With Magic Acorn

The world of Rivera in The Witcher 3 is full of magical creatures, places, and items. Furthermore, there are a handful of hidden items in the game. One such item is the Magic Acorn. You find this magical item in the game’s third act by looting Imlerith after defeating him. There are only two options for what to do with the Magic Acorn. One is useless, and the other is extremely beneficial. So, read on to find out which is the correct choice to make.

What To Do With The Magic Acorn in The Witcher 3

What To Do With The Magic Acorn in Witcher 3

You should eat the Magic Acorn in the Witcher 3. This will grant you two ability points for free. Your other option is to give the Acorn to the villagers of Velen. While you may want to choose the act of kindness, it has no effect on the game, you, or the villagers. It simply wastes the item. That’s why you should instead eat the Magic Acorn to benefit from the two ability points it grants you. This may feel selfish, but at least it has some benefit to your game.

A lot of players are also having trouble looting the Magic Acorn of Imlerith after defeating him. That’s because after you defeat him you get launched into a cutscene. However, at the end of the cutscene, Ciri will appear and you then have the option to leave with her or stay back. Choose “not quite yet”, so you can stay back and loot the item off Imlerith.

If you don’t do this and choose to go back with Ciri, you’ll lose your chance to get the Magic Acorn entirely. The only other way to get it is to load an earlier save. However, that will mean redoing the Imlerith fight, which is one of the hardest boss battles in the entire game.

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