Witcher 3 White Gull | Where to Find Recipe

If you want to start investing in alchemy in The Witcher 3… Know that you have a bit of a task ahead of you! The highest-ranked recipes in the game are hidden behind massive walls of pure RNG. Because of that, Witcher 3 White Gull can be, at best, annoying to find. So, you must have a specific approach and mindset if you want to become a potion-brewing fiend. Thankfully, there are processes to get White Gull at the highest possible chance, and there’s plenty of options to get it from!

Where to Find White Gull in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 White Gull

The Witcher 3 White Gull recipe is most easily attained through Tomira and Gremist. Both of these alchemists require you to do a quest to open their doors; Tomira needs you to clear the abandoned location near her hut in Sawmill, and Gremist requires you to complete Practicum in Advanced Alchemy. Once that’s done, you can get White Gull from Tomira fairly consistently, or Gremist if you need to.

The White Gull  recipe is made from five different ingredients:

That is not the only way to get White Gull. It can also be obtained through quest rewards, generic alchemists, and even in random treasure chests. Tomira and Gremist are consistent, but also require a lot of effort. If you can just get lucky, that’s far superior!

So, why do you want White Gull? Well, it’s a common Alchemy ingredient that crafts no less than 21 different potions. 21! That’s a lot of different ingredients, and a lot of them are “superior” versions of the alchemical weapons. To best destroy monsters, you’ll want to get White Gull early, and fast!

These are all sold by Elsa in the prologue. Otherwise, various merchants and herbalists will have a handful of the ingredients that you want throughout the game. Get a ton of these; you need 43 White Gull in total if you want to make all of the “Superior” potions and alchemical items. Pick them up from Herbalists and Innkeepers whenever you notice them!

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