5 Games We Hope To See In Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022

2022 is approaching its halfway point, and there are still so many games yet to be released. Don’t worry, though, because showcases exist to reveal new titles. In fact, crews from the Xbox and Bethesda teams have already leaked their biggest projects. Among the details are sequels to established series as well as some new IPs. Here’s a look at the five games we’re most looking forward to seeing at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022.

What We Hope To See In Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022

The library of titles in this joint showcase includes a variety of genres and complexity. However, there are five games, in particular, that are drawing a lot of attention among players and critics. They cover all a manner of genres but have similar levels of detail which goes hand-in-hand with both Bethesda Softworks’ production history and the general Xbox library. They’re a mix of epic single-player adventures as well as some multiplayer and online availability.


Following in the footsteps of Left 4 Dead, Redfall presents another co-op experience where up to four players will be fighting against armies of vampires. The trailer is cinematic but appears to showcase a very diverse cast, some unusual weapons, and a slight futuristic bend to it. While not confirmed now, here’s hoping that there will be a PvP component where players can play as the humans vs the vampires. Though it was initially announced in 2021, Bethesda has publicly decided to push back its release to 2023.


Although No Man’s Sky made an incredible turnaround in its design and reception, Starfield is going to be another epic sci-fi adventure. However, this seems to take things in a much more serious direction with a stronger narrative focus. Whether it will mainly be about exploration, completing missions, or following a storyline is uncertain. With any space game, there’s always a desire to make your ship how you want it with whomever you want. This is another title from Bethesda that alongside Redfall has been moved to 2023 for further development.


Coming from the renowned Obsidian Entertainment, Avowed is a medieval fantasy game that seeks to rival the Elder Scrolls series. Like many fantasy games, the trailer has a voiceover narrative to give a foundation for what’s to come. It appears to be a first-person adventure where your goal is to fight your way to claim the throne… or crown it sounds like. With the presence of weapons and magic, it leaves one to wonder if there will be combinations and overlaps between the two. Although it first appeared in 2020, the showcase is reaffirming its release in the future but without a definite date.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a very heavy game with serious psychological themes. It followed the journey of Senua, a warrior descending into the Norse version of the underworld called Hel, in order to rescue the soul of her deceased lover. Much of the game’s focus centered on internal struggles, like the voices she hears, as well as her external struggles in having to fight demonic soldiers. It can be very intense for those unprepared — but who knows if the sequel will be at the same level. With the reveal of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, it’s clear that the Celtic hero isn’t done just yet.

The Outer Worlds 2

It’s safe to say that The Outer Worlds was stylish, and the second game aims to follow suit. As usual, you get to travel to different worlds fighting aliens and various dangerous residents. The first offered a lot of paths to take either for business, for the people, or for yourself. It also included the ability to slow down your character’s perception of time, much like the Fallout VATS mechanic. This is likely to return but it would be nice to see if there was more done to it as well as greater customization in character and abilities.

Considering the duality of this showcase, all of these games are expected to release on Xbox. Several are also likely coming to Game Pass, assuming you consider the service a good thing. Naturally, these titles are still in development, so release dates may be flexible. Some games are aiming for a release later this year, while others will probably get pushed to 2023.