Xbox Easy Achievements May 2021 | Earn Points Quickly

If you want to boost your Xbox Gamerscore quickly, sometimes you have to play some rather obscure games. That’s because many smaller development studios give their games easy achievements to help them appeal to achievement hunters. With this practice becoming more and more common, the number of quick completions can be hard to keep up with. Here’s a look at the quickest and easiest Xbox achievements for the month of May 2021.

Easy Xbox Achievements May 2021

Easy Achievements

May was a rather packed month for easy achievements, with 12 new releases that can all be completed in under an hour, plus three easy 1000G title updates for old easy completions. In total, these listed games can net you 21000G in only a single day’s work.

A Little Lily Princess – $14.99

A Little Lily Princess, a visual novel published by Ratalaika Games, a notorious publisher in the achievement hunting community, is on the more expensive side of this list. Still, it will get you an easy 1000G within an hour.

Techno Tanks – $6.99

EpiXR’s Techno Tanks requires you to complete the game’s 50 levels numerous times on different modes, but there’s a workaround. You can simply beat the 50 levels on the easiest difficulty and mode in a matter of minutes, then start from Level 50 on the other modes, allowing you to “beat” them by playing just one level. This game will get you 1000G.

Gutwhale – $4.99

Published again by Ratalaika, Gutwhale is a run-and-gun developed by Stuffed Wombat. By following a tutorial, this game can be knocked out in around 20 minutes for the full 1000G.

Rift Racoon – $4.99

Rift Raccoon is a platformer, developed by Ratalaika Games and Marcos Game Dev and published by another achievement hunting favorite: Eastasiasoft. This game requires you to beat levels 1-1 through 2-8, and collect three gems to earn 1000G.

50 Years (Windows 10) – $4.99

Initially published for the Xbox One by Xitilon, the king of easy achievements, turn-based strategy 50 Years has just been ported to Windows 10 with the same base achievement list. Worth 1000G right now, it is likely that it will grow to have 3000G with title updates like its console counterpart, with the eventual plan of offering 5000G.

Rabisco+ – $4.99

Rabisco+ will take you around 30 minutes to earn its 1000G. It’s an easy action title developed by Green Dinosaur Games and published by — you guessed it — Ratalaika Games.

Subnautica: Below Zero – $29.99

Xbox Easy Achievements

This may be an unexpected entry for some, but Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s Subnautica: Below Zero is actually a sub-hour completion. By tapping the bumpers while paused, the developer console can be accessed, allowing you to teleport across the map or spawn items and equipment. This will net you 1000G.

Dull Grey – $4.99

Dull Grey comes courtesy of the last of the “big four” easy achievement game publishers: Sometimes You. This game is a visual novel that can earn you 1000G in around 10 minutes.

Infestor – $4.99

The last Ratalaika-published title from May is developed by Woblyware. Infestor is a 20-minute platformer that simply requires you to beat 50 fairly straightforward levels for the 1000G.

Smart Moves (Windows 10) – $4.99

We’re now into the Xitilon Windows 10 block of the list. All of these titles currently have 2000G, though Xitilon intends on bringing them all up to 5000g down the road. The first, Smart Moves is developed by grin robot, and is a puzzle game. With direction, players can easily earn the 2k within an hour.

Butterfly (Windows 10) – $4.99

Also published by Xitilon and developed by grin robot, Butterfly is another puzzle game that will grant you 2000G for simply knocking out 15 levels. Find a guide and you’ll have it done in no more than ten minutes.

Butterfly 2 (Windows 10) – $4.99

Butterfly 2 has the same developer and publisher, the same amount of Gamerscore, the same achievement requirements, and will take you just as long as the first Butterfly. 10 minutes will get you 2000G.

Bullet Beat (Windows 10) – $4.99

Xbox Easy Achievements

This is certainly the hardest completion on this list. It’s tough, but Bullet Beat can be knocked out within an hour for 2000G, though the Endless Mode achievements may take a few attempts.

Castle of No Escape 2 (Windows 10) – $4.99

The base 1000G of Castle of No Escape 2 can be done in around five minutes with directions. The 1000G from the title update can be completed even quicker, making use of secret codes in the menu to skip floors.

Sig.NULL – $4.99

Puzzle game Sig.NULL, published and developed by Half-Face Games, can earn you 2000G in around 15 minutes. The last 1000G was added this month as a title update, while the game was originally released back in November.

These games should take you little more than an afternoon to accumulate over 20,000G. If you’re looking to boost your Xbox Gamerscore, these easy achievements are definitely the way to go. If you’re looking to unlock some tougher achievements, we’ve got you covered: