Xbox Game Pass Quest Points | How To Get Points Easily

Xbox Game Pass Quests is one of many Microsoft Rewards systems, allowing players to earn points that can be redeemed as Microsoft Store credit, just by playing Game Pass games. These quests vary in difficulty and value, and change on weekly/monthly bases, depending on the quest. This guide will break down how to accumulate Xbox Game Pass Quest points easily, so you can start saving with little hassle!

How to Easily Get Game Pass Quest Points

Xbox Game Pass Quest Points

There are three types of Game Pass quests: Daily, weekly and monthly. There are only ever two daily quests and they are always the exact same, weekly quests change every Monday at 13:00 EST and monthly quests change at 13:00 EST of the first Monday of every month. Players who can make the most this system and complete every challenge in a year can find themselves 42,720 Microsoft Rewards points richer.

The two daily quests are trivial. All that is needed is for you to log in to the Xbox Game Pass mobile app and to launch an Xbox Game Pass game on your Xbox. You don’t even need to play it; just launching to the splash screen will be enough! The weekly quests are a bit more involved, but still very simple. You will have three that are always the same, plus two game-specific quests that vary by week. The three recurrent ones require you to unlock an achievement in a Game Pass title, unlock three achievements or play three Game Pass titles, and complete four daily quests. Playing three titles amounts to launching three titles. Again, no need to properly play them, plus you’re going to want to save the achievements for the achievement quest! Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s 700 achievements could keep you going for a bit, though for the easiest achievements, look no further than The Walking Dead titles. The quests that change weekly will be detailed a bit further down.

The monthly quests are where the points really come in. To complete them all, you’ll need to install five games via the Game Pass mobile app. Backwards-compatible XBLA games such as Feeding Frenzy, Zuma, Banjo-Kazooie, Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies are all very small games that can be installed/uninstalled quickly and monthly. Second, you’ll need to play ten Game Pass games. Same old, same old; boot up ten splash screens throughout the month. After this, you’ll need to make sure you complete all daily and weekly challenges in the month. This is the most valuable quest, earning you 1000 points. There will additionally be four game-specific quests that change each month.

The variable weekly and monthly quests will rarely be harsh time-sinks. You’ll likely spend more time installing the games than playing them! As they are always changing, it is of course impossible to give a single guide that would walk you through them all, though the Reddit community r/MicrosoftRewards has a pinned, regularly updated post that provides guides for each every quest as they come. Keep this page bookmarked and you’ll be knocking these quests out easy!

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