Xbox Streaming App Hits Samsung TVs This Month

Xbox has been making a lot of game and tech announcements recently, and will be following up on one of their biggest this month. On top of all their new titles, Xbox has been sharing ideas for expanding their overall gaming services. Though the Streaming Stick is rumored to be in development, their idea for a streaming app is coming to life. On June 30th, Xbox will be launching the Xbox TV app which will allow people to access Xbox titles directly from their televisions. This marks a huge step towards Xbox’s exploration into cloud-based gaming.

Xbox TV App Features

Though Xbox remains a strong member of the console community, it’s been slowly gearing its accessibility to those without the latest models. The Xbox One Series retains a high price tag, but through cloud streaming, players can still play Xbox titles without needing to purchase one. The Xbox TV app will allow players to stream Xbox titles directly to their TVs through downloads and streaming. It works in combination with Xbox’s extended partnership with Samsung that is launching a new line of smart TVs during 2022. Whether the app will become available for other TV brands in the future is still unconfirmed.

As the team at Xbox explains, the app will be able to turn the user’s smart TV into a console. It will come with Bluetooth compatibility for use with headsets and controllers, Xbox or otherwise. It will also give users direct access to Xbox Game Pass, a gaming subscription service which supplies new games every month for streaming and purchasing. While this app will make Xbox playing far more accessible, it will be developing alongside improvements for PC access to its services. This includes testing new gaming features for those playing on Windows 11 and linking the program directly to Microsoft Edge.

Xbox Game Pass remains one of the most popular and efficient gaming streaming services which is related to Xbox’s decision to focus more on expanding their gaming software, over there hardware. Come the end of June, people with Samsung smart TVs will get to try out Xbox streaming for themselves.