You Can Soon Wash Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar in Powerwash Simulator

Simulators are popular for a number of reasons, and Powerwash Simulator is among the most recent successes in the genre. It lets players wash a variety of objects and environments, and the latest DLC will let them wash Final Fantasy 7. Specifically, you’ll be able to wash several key locations scattered around Midgar, which are dirty for reasons you probably don’t want to know. As Square Enix reveals more details of what the DLC can contain, we can only grasp our powerwashers in anticipation of what we’ll be able to clean in the near future.

Final Fantasy 7 in Powerwash Simulator

Some game designers try to simulate different lifestyles, but FuturLab decided to simulate a more accessible activity in Powerwash Simulator which dropped last year. The game has exploded in popularity and profit, partly thanks to Square Enix as its publisher. As a result of such a relationship, the company is working on a free DLC which will let you wash several locations across the world of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7. Based on coverage from Gamespot, areas both above and below the plates that support the city will be available for cleaning. Sadly, no definitive release date for the DLC has been revealed yet.

What makes many simulator games appealing is that they’re simple to understand, and this is certainly the case for Powerwash Simulator. You play as a nameless cleaner in a snazzy hygienic rubber suit armed with a power washer. Your goal is simple enough: Go to a number of locations and wash anything that looks even slightly dirty. Though you start small, things escalate pretty quickly. You’ll begin by washing things like cars and garages only to end up washing Lara Croft’s entire mansion (also thanks to DLC). With Midgar now on the way, it’s likely that this simulator will be ripe for more crossovers.

Powerwash Simulator can be both therapeutic and satisfying as you cleanse the filth from a virtual world. If you’ve already cleaned everything there is, you can look forward to the free Final Fantasy 7 DLC that will let you clean some filthy places across Midgar in March.