You Suck At Parking | How to Unlock More Cars

Racing your friends to a parking spot can be an exhilarating experience in You Suck At Parking. Anyone can crash into each other, jump over ramps, and avoid obstacles while attempting to claim all spots. And when you’re rising to the top of the leaderboards, you want to look smooth while doing so. Aside from the customization options, players can actually unlock extra cars to take with them onto the colorful tracks. There are two ways to obtain more vehicles in You Suck At Parking, though you might not enjoy exactly how that’s achieved.

How to Unlock More Cars in You Suck At Parking

You Suck At Parking How to Unlock More Cars

You can unlock more cars in You Suck At Parking by purchasing the Premium Parking Pass, which will reward you with new car models as you level up. In fact, there are only two fresh rides that you can acquire through the Parking Pass. At level 24, you’ll receive the Legendary Vintage car; level 50 will provide you with the Legendary Camper motor vehicle. Additionally, the in-game store can also offer other models. Just remember that have to pay for that extra content as well.

From what it seems, free Parking Pass players won’t be able to get new car models to add to their collection. You’ll start with the pickup truck, a van, and the classic car to take onto the tracks. Don’t be discouraged, though. Pretty much many players are driving these specific cars since they’re given to you upon booting up the game.

It’s been acknowledged that developer Happy Volcano will include more features in the months to come. These mostly consist of map rotations and multiplayer components. However, the developers also mentioned the appearance of seasonal bundles around November of 2022. Season 2 will arrive in December, so we can expect to see new content eventually release. In the case of acquiring more cars without spending an extra dime, however, that we’re not entirely certain.

As for now, we can attempt to reach the free thresholds of the Parking Pass to further modify our current cars. If you proceed to level up, you’ll soon receive new extensions, pattern styles, trails, paints, and honks to change up your look.