You Suck At Parking | Is There Co-Op?

Admittedly, not all of us are the best at parking. Don’t even get us started on parallel parking. However, with the release of You Suck at Parking, we now have the opportunity to hone our skills, even if it’s on a fast-paced, hectic course. And the only thing that would make finessing your way into a parking spot more enjoyable is if you beat your buddy to it. That’s why many eager players are wondering if You Suck at Parking supports co-op. Unfortunately, we may have some bad news for you.

Does You Suck At Parking Have Co-Op?

Does You Suck At Parking Have Co-Op?

You Suck At Parking does not include co-op with its initial release. That means you’ll have to take on the new arcade racer’s 100 handcrafted levels on your own. However, you can still put your skills to the test against friends in the free-for-all multiplayer mode.

Online free-for-all pits eight players against each other in a multi-round race to see who can reach the parking spot first. Which, predictably, becomes a little hectic. You not only have to be aware of your competition, but the number of obstacles stopping your path from victory. And if that’s too much for you, and you just want to race one-on-one in local or multiplayer co-op, you’ll have to wait.

Developer Happy Volcano has stated that You Suck At Parking will be an “ever-growing, always-expanding, forever-changing game.” With that, they also mentioned they have more for multiplayer in the months to come. And that might possibly be the whole charade, including local and multiplayer co-op, custom lobbies, and possibly even team races. It’s all speculation for now; none of these features are confirmed so far.

So, in the meantime, buckle up and practice your skills in single-player. Because, if we had to guess, co-op and other multiplayer modes will be added to the game soon. After all, the thrill of arcade racing isn’t just beating the levels; it’s also proving to your friends that you’re the best.