Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Bottle Locations | Where to Find

Amongst many useful items and tools in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, empty bottles can be vital to Link’s journey. These can store life-saving potions inside and have become regular items in the series. Players can expect to find five empty bottles as they traverse Skyloft and beyond, and they’re fairly easy to find. With this in mind, here is our guide for all five bottle locations.

Where to Find All Bottles in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Where to Find Bottle Locations

As we mentioned above, there are five empty bottle locations in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Below, you’ll find instructions on how to find each one:

Empty Bottle 1

The first bottle can be easily obtained after retrieving the Goddess Sword. Make your way to the Bazaar in Skyloft where you’ll come across a potion shop owned by Luv and Bertie. Speak with Luv, and she’ll eventually give you an empty bottle on the house.

Empty Bottle 2

This next bottle can be found after you make your first landing onto the surface world. Upon your arrival to the Sealed Grounds, head near the Old Woman. To the right of her, you’ll see a chest that will contain a Revitalizing Potion. This is essentially an empty bottle to be, for it will still be useable after Link drinks the potion.

Empty Bottle 3

Once the Skyview Temple section is completed, you’ll need to complete the Lost Child side quest for Wryna. Doing so will open the window to getting the third bottle. You have to speak with Parrow at the Plaza of Skyloft to trigger the Missing Sister side quest. Parrow sends Link on a mission to find his sister, leading him to a small and vibrant island. Continue attending to the sister, whom we come to find out is Orielle.

The only way for Orielle to be rescued is to aid her wounded Loftwing. You’ll fly back to Parrow to inform him of the situation, where he will then provide you with medicine for Orielle’s Loftwing. Travel back to the missing sister and her Loftwing to give it the medicine. They won’t need the empty bottle, so in turn for your efforts and a third one will be rewarded to you.

Empty Bottle 4

The fourth bottle’s location is deep within the dungeon of the Fire Sanctuary. You’ll need some Mogma Mitts in order to proceed, which can be acquired by Silva after you defeat the two Magmanos. Silva is a prisoner, so you’ll need to free him from the chain that holds him above ground level. Once you do, he’ll reward you with the Mogma Mitts.

Now, for some backtracking. Head back toward the Fire Sanctuary’s entrance where you first encountered the individual Magmanos. Use the Mogma Mitts to tunnel underground that will unlock a different path for Link. This will permit some water bulb plants to appear, which can be used against the Magmanos to defeat it. Slaying the magma hand will cause the lava levels to subside. This event opens a new passageway, which will lead the player to a chest containing the fourth empty bottle.

Empty Bottle 5

For the fifth and final one of these bottle locations, you’ll have to be within range of finding the Fire Dragon in the Eldin Volcano. At the deep cavern of the Volcano, you’ll come across a Goddess Cube. Activating this spawn the Goddess Chest on a small island, located west of the Thunderhead. Burrow through the underground, and crawl your way to the bottom-left corner, all while avoiding the creepy centipede. Once you’re out of the burrow, climb up the vines you’ll see before you. From there, you’ll see the dormant Goddess Chest. Bust it open, and the fifth empty bottle will be in your possession.

Finding these bottles isn’t mandatory, but they can be utilized as critical potion carriers that might give Link the upper hand in combat. We definitely recommend finding these bottle locations along your journey in Skyloft.

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