Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Night Flying | Can You Fly At Night?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD brings forth endless hours of action for our hero, Link. Mysterious quests lead to colorful dungeons, merciless foes stand in your way, and the sky is brimming with adventure. For this Zelda title, your Loftwing is essentially your companion while you navigate through the clouds. Flying under the sun never gets old, but can you fly at night? That’s a different story. To night flying is a little complicated, so keep reading to see if you can soar through the skies at night.

Can You Fly At Night in Skyward Sword HD?

Skyward Sword Fly at night Link

The answer is simple: No, there is no night flying in Skyward Sword HD. Despite the islands floating about and the surface being just below you, you can’t fly at night. Even though a couple of quests require nighttime completion, you can’t fly at night. The soothing night sky houses a gorgeous moon, but you can’t fly under it.

Perhaps your Loftwing is afraid of the dark, or maybe the other birds are asleep, but this high-definition remaster fails to update basically any gameplay elements. In truth, the graphics in the game were given the proper treatment. For something originally released for the Wii back in 2011, there’s a lot to compare to its 2021 upgrade – just not in the case of the night flying mechanics.

Flying at night also means that you can’t fly to the surface at that time as well. If you attempt to jump from an airborne area, a bird guard will snatch you before you can get far. Your Loftwing becomes unavailable during this time, so sleeping is practically your only option if you need to travel somewhere that requires flying.

If you need to reach an island at night, you’ll need to arrive in the day and sleep in a bed until night, triggering the game’s day and night cycle. These include the beds in Skyloft, Beedle’s Air Ship. and the Lumpy Pumpkin. Keep in mind that the day and night cycle doesn’t occur naturally. You manually need to do it with a bed, which is weird for the franchise’s 16th main entry.

It’s a shame you can’t fly at night, but it’s still worthwhile to experience the HD remaster of the game.

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